Exploring the Impact of AI Technology in Everyday Life: From Real to digital life

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has become deeply ingrained in our everyday lives, transforming the way we interact with technology. From smartphones to automated home systems, AI is revolutionizing our world, making tasks more efficient and convenient. In this piece, we will delve into how AI seamlessly integrates into our daily routines, whether it's through smartphone applications, smart home devices, or even behavior recognition.

Every couple of months, I am reminded daily by my washing machine to clean the drum until I address it. The notification is not based on the number of cycles, but on the integrated AI that tracks the daily usage and sends alerts accordingly.

Brief Content

  1. AI in Smartphone Technology:
    • AI assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are now common, offering voice-activated help for various tasks.
    • AI algorithms analyze typing habits to suggest text and correct errors, improving efficiency.
    • Facial Recognition: Using AI technology, users can unlock devices and confirm payments with biometric authentication.
    • Personalized advertising has shifted from old methods to using user data and advanced algorithms for targeted ads.
  2. Automated Lighting Systems:
    • AI-driven motion detectors: These cutting-edge sensors can sense movement in a room and intelligently adjust the lighting, leading to energy savings and heightened security.
    • AI Lighting: Adjusts brightness and color temperatures based on ambient light and user preferences for optimal lighting.
  3. Behavior Detection:
    • AI surveillance cameras with facial recognition and behavior detection can identify and track individuals, alerting users to suspicious behavior or unauthorized access.
    • Home Security: AI home systems analyze movement patterns to distinguish between normal activities and potential threats, providing enhanced security.

  ​4. Clinical and Fitness:

    • Personalized Medicine: AI predicts treatment based on patient data, optimizing outcomes.
    • AI algorithms analyze medical images and patient data to aid in accurate disease diagnosis and timely treatment.
    • Enhancing Patient Engagement: AI chatbots and virtual health coaches provide personalized support, education, and reminders to empower individuals in their healthcare journey towards better health and wellness.

Theres are a lot such daily routines where we are engaging with the Machine and the new generation machine (Ai).

Way back our ancestor used to say, if you are getting something for benefit, prepare your self for the other side of coin too. (Disaster or Loss).

The use of Ai is increased these day in other industries also, even in the IT industries. Most of us use Ai tools in our office hours as well.

Do we need to update ourself ?

For sure, keeping up with AI is crucial in today's fast-changing world. Here's a summary with key points:

Keeping up with AI developments is super important in this tech-savvy world! Here's why it's a must:
  1. AI's Influence: AI is revolutionizing industries, economies, and societies worldwide. Staying informed about AI provides insights into its potential effects on our lives, work, and communities.
  2. Embracing AI Opportunities: AI offers chances for innovation, automation, and efficiency. By staying updated on AI trends, we can leverage AI for growth.
  3. Exploring AI Ethics: AI raises ethical and social questions on privacy, bias, transparency, and accountability. Staying informed helps us navigate these issues and promote responsible AI development.
  4. Improving Skills with AI: AI is reshaping work and requiring new skills. By learning about AI, we can thrive in AI-driven environments and stay competitive in the job market.
  5. Empowering Decision-Making with AI: AI is increasingly used to inform decisions in business, government, and daily life. Staying updated on AI helps us make informed choices about technology, policy, and AI products.​

Does it have a negative impact on daily life?

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings numerous benefits, it can also have negative impacts on daily life. Here are a few key points:

  1. AI automation may cause job loss as tasks shift to AI systems and robots.
  2. Privacy Concerns: AI technologies, like facial recognition and data analytics, give rise to privacy issues as they amass and scrutinize large volumes of personal data, potentially encroaching on individuals' privacy rights.
  3. Unintended Biases and Injustices: AI algorithms can inadvertently perpetuate biases and injustices if they are trained on skewed data or developed with unconscious biases, resulting in unfair outcomes in areas like hiring, lending, and criminal justice.
  4. Dependency and Concerns: Relying on AI technologies heavily can lead to dependency and raise concerns about the reliability and robustness of AI systems in critical domains like healthcare, transportation, and finance.
  5. Social Isolation: Using AI technologies for communication and entertainment may reduce human interaction, impacting mental health.
  6. Security Risks: AI cyberattacks and malicious AI applications pose threats to individuals, organizations, and critical infrastructure, highlighting the need for strong cybersecurity and ethical AI practices.

If you have reached to this point after reading this article, let's continue to some personal research and observations of Ai in daily usage.

Let's talk about: Impact of Phone Ai

We all know, there is trend of reel making videos in youths. We call them content creators. And there is another group of people who are consumers. You agree on it right ?

When we start scrolling the contents, very late we come to know like from 24 hours, a chunk of hours you scrolled the content over phone, and when you try to remind from where you started, I hope you will not get that start point.

Reason is, what you want to watch is already captured long back ago, in the year of 2010-2013, when social media was having a craze.

So there's no doubt, the companies have big set of data from different geo located people around the globe.

The companies giving you AI to use it now a days to every class of people from business to developers, security analysts, cyber professionals, etc to do their daily works.

Also people are using, without putting their logical thinking forward for every set of work.

For example: Creating PPT, writing code snippets, even people are using it as googling tool. Do you agree on it ?

Let take a wider image of the new type of data collection.

The previous (During 2010-2013 ) data collection was about the people name, address, phone number, identity, interests, surfing internet, etc. 

Which were unorganised in terms of people thinking, their work, and their routines.

Now turning the 2 side of coin now:

  1. Business People: Using Ai to influence their clients, either by mail, PPT, or any other way of communication. Or you can say in your words to impress the clients.
  2. Technology People: Using Ai to resolve their daily issues, to develop new features. It will a good to say everyone in the IT industry is using Ai tool beyond the limited usage.
  3. Marketing People: Using Ai to generate leads, it does't matter lead is bot lead or real one.
  4. Cyber Attackers: This group is also using the same Ai tool, but in more advanced way.

There are more set of people in this.

Now reaching to the non tech and normal people who are not the business user, not the tech. Leaving in remote places, but with an advanced Ai device (Mobile, Tab, etc) like 

Advance data collection:

Now these Ai tools are there in Remote areas integrated over phones, and other working people using these tools or can say everyone is feeding data to these tools to be human.

These Ai companies will later map the data with the old collected data b during 2010-13, and will make a robust system which will have all the capabilities of the possible human mind.

You will say this is  an imagination of my mind, but trust me, I have few studies from long back 2009, when I started using social media for first time.

These Ai tools will help the companies (Ai companies ), to make the unorganised people data in organised form.

Now talking to negative impact of Phone Ai on daily live:
  1. When you begin exploring reels, they have a way of keeping you hooked, presenting content that resonates with your tastes and insights. Despite feeling the need to rest, your mind compels you to continue watching.
  2. Your images could be manipulated without your permission, since you have no control over the apps that are accessing your galleries and photos. You have no idea some where your photo is being used as avtar the today's trend.
  3. It make you mentally sick, when you realise it become too late to recover, because of improper daily routine.
  4. It stops you from learning and you start forgetting things easily.
  5. It keep you listening your talks even when you are in bedroom, means it is everywhere as a shadow.
  6. It shows you ads based on your talks, when you explore any social app or any app which contains ads.

As working in IT sector, I have seen many people working with openai, google gemini, etc, for searching codes, issues, emails.

Yes off course it gives some good results, sometimes fit in their requirements and sometime not.

But after too much using these tools, their self leaning ethics become zero, and they get completely dependent on  these tools for simple to simple issue or code.

Just imagine, if a developer is writing code from AI tool, and the application went live after tones of tests. The attacker is using same AI tool or may be advanced one, now think, how the application will survive if attacker do attack on it. 

Even now a days in interviews people says, I can do anything with help of openai or other ai tools. 

But when they get hired, they do get an entry point of the application which is already developed and in maintenance phase when asked to work on it or to fix some common issues.

Because they are too much addicted to the use of AI tools, they can't think any more for a simple problem solving.

Start using AI carefully !!!!!

Exploring the Impact of AI Technology in Everyday Life: From Real to digital life
Ram Krishna April 4, 2024
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